01 Studio
Small creative web development studio focused on building excellent web sites, apps, and open source software.
Particularly interested in independent digital media publishing and exploring the relationship between society and technology in the 21st century.

Recent developments, for your consideration:


-- we've had to build A LOT of the same kinds of things over and over over the past decade or so, and this framework has slowly developed to make things easier. now that it's solidified as a tool, we're putting effort into writing documentation and making it easy for people to learn so that they, too, may benefit from these solutions. it's like the easiest way to make web sites with php!


-- brutalist user-friendly content management + design patterns. [see also: extendable admin, workflow, scaffolding, boilerplate]. for quickly developing complex admin-driven web applications. we've had to write a lot of these things where no appropriate solution existed (available solutions were "too much")


-- mix tapes, made with love, and dropped an rss feed!. this series has been a labor of love, released in "seasons", updated occasionally (as life permits), haven't released anything in a while, but we're bringing it back as a youtube series and making new episodes in 2021!

just started posting cool songs to twitter, check it


-- PUBLIC WORK IN PROGRESS putting together a webzine, out in the open. it's about art and technology and society -- "internet arts and culture magazine" -- cyber world magazine







02 Ethos
We are living in the most empowering age in human history.

We are the transition generation.

We have one foot in matter and one foot in hyperspace.

All of the horror of history can be redeemed if we give the human adventure meaning.

And we give it meaning by discovering the [universal] totality within ourselves and amplifying it for each other.

And this dissolves boundaries, empowers the weak, enlightens the strong, and brings hope to all.

Terence McKenna
public domain illustration credit: https://publicdomainvectors.org/en/free-clipart/Griffon-and-prey/81805.html