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01 Studio
HXGF is a creative development studio focused on building excellent web sites, applications, and several types of hypermedia.
Particularly interested in building well-designed and simple productivity software that gives people "super powers," enabling them to work quickly and preserve their own sanity in a world that is daily devolving further into chaos.

Currently building a (yet-to-be-named) web-based ticketing system and hyperlocker (a small-scale personal database). It will likely be a while before they're ready for the world, but they are coming. Follow @hxgf_io on twitter for the latest updates.
02 Projects
03 Ethos
We are living in the most empowering age in human history.

We are the transition generation.

We have one foot in matter and one foot in hyperspace.

All of the horror of history can be redeemed if we give the human adventure meaning.

And we give it meaning by discovering the [universal] totality within ourselves and amplifying it for each other.

And this dissolves boundaries, empowers the weak, enlightens the strong, and brings hope to all.

Terence McKenna
public domain illustration credit: https://publicdomainvectors.org/en/free-clipart/Griffon-and-prey/81805.html