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01 Studio

[x] cool layout
[ ] coherent writing

We are a small creative studio focused on producing unique forms of hypermedia.
We've been working with video, audio, and web technologies since the 1990s.
Audio Editing &
Podcast Production
- mixing, mastering, packaging, editing out bg noises, content edit, natural convo/timing/pacing (killing awkward pauses, making everything fit), eq, levels
- producing ads? intro/outro tags?
- production design - feed/social artwork
- meta mgmt - show notes, titles, metadata
- audiograms 👍
Video Editing / Motion GFX
custom special effects (specializing in glitch/cyberpunk style, vaporwave aesthetic ~~)
platform-specific content production - for various formats (youtube, twit video, fb, etc)
-- produce/adapt content specifically for the intended medium/format
graphics for your youtube channel? you got it!
lower thirds, graphics packages (intros, credits, etc)
animated intros for your conference videos? no sweat!
MOTION GFX and VFX, animation, speciall effectts, editing, writing, production development/planning
video projection (projection mapping, installation visuals)
digital signage? sure why not
Web/App Development
web sites (responsive web design~~)
wordpress? sure, why not?
custom admin/dashboard/intranet systems ****
(dataviz, do whatever you want)
mobile apps
creative coding? projection mapping? idk
developer resources (docs sites, styleguides, design systems, etc)

developing/implementing wireframes & prototypes - significant experience w/ ux (we rly rly rly care about UX) & ui development :)

Design / Marketing
we can offer assistance with branding / marketing design (any media/format) writing art direction digital ad production (audio, video, design) brutalist /vaporwave/glitch aesthetic
  • art direction
  • consulting -- we know a lot about a lot, especially: creative/concept, ux, technical implementation (everything from: live production --> digital media production --> software development)
    "who are you influences? what inspires you?" -- lots of things, we've got a collection of stuff we're into at are.na: https://www.are.na/hx-gf
    02 Demos
    mix tapes, made with love, and dropped an rss feed!

    this series has been a labor of love, released in "seasons", updated occasionally (as life permits), haven't released anything in a while,

    but we're bringing it back as a youtube series and making new episodes in 2020!

    just started posting cool songs to twitter, check it
    we did like the first 70 episodes of this show

    most of the changelog shows were just editing but this one was a little more hands on

    we also compiled show notes/links, wrote titles and descriptions, found pull quotes (/soundbites)
    Web Sites
    The Flaming Lips
    custom admin (w/ theme editor, also styleguide & interstitial manager, spam fighting tools / content moderation) for a popular rock band (and our neighbors).

    community - user profiles, public photo/video galleries, news blog, audio player, tour schedule(/archive), users CAN comment on anything (not a lot do these days)

    there used to be a forum and a store, but whatever reddit and then wb store thing whatever.
    OKC Owl Cam
    responsive web design, custom admin w/ 3rd party functionality for a seasonal live stream (that watches an owl nest)

    admin allows crew members can to update graphics on the live stream ("nest news" w/ live weather, pantry stock). crew member profiles, activity tracker, contest

    yes i have been bit by one of these owls
    Jeff Click Design | Build
    responsive web design, custom admin / back office [managing progress on homes & data for web site, client/trade communication, issue tracking, scheduling, file management] - for a ~~designer~~ home builder

    profiles of every project [inventory/ showcase/ catalog], plan, community, client communication portal

    tons of content (writing, design, photos) over the years

    Ocean Companies
    cool looking simple marketing site, obv custom multi-site CMS (central CMS that supplies content for 3 sites, adding more in the future) profiles for tenants, future tenant portal

    and RWD templates for a commercial real estate development firm.

    checc out the sites:
    port164 msbd split t
    equestrian sport governing body, developed RWD templates and built the site structure (& styleguide), professionals profiles,

    we also do custom work for some of their internal programs

    also developed a simple ios app to for their member handbook
    CSS Pentagram
    it's a pentagram made out of css.

    time sacrifice to the dark lord.

    nobody really likes it, but i get a kick out it.
    Open Source Projects
    we love branding we love making useful things we use this stuff all the time projects over the years have necessitated (??) the development of this stuff, it's saved us tons of time they're works in progress
    we've had to build A LOT of the same kinds of things over and over over the past decade or so, and this framework has slowly developed to make things easier

    now that it's solidified as a tool, we're putting effort into writing documentation and making it easy for people to learn so that they, too, may benefit from these solutions

    it's like the easiest way to make web sites with php!
    brutalist user-friendly content management + design patterns

    [see also: extendable admin, workflow, scaffolding, boilerplate]

    for quickly developing complex admin-driven web applications

    we've had to write a lot of these things where no appropriate solution existed (available solutions were "too much")
    this is a total classic from way back in the day (2011 if you believe that WOW)

    featured in issue 35 of javascript weekly

    it hasn't been updated in forever (sorry about the unanswered pull request for supporting ie7 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) but it's still alive and kickin (and ~i~ use it every day)

    it's ok for software projects to be "done"

    the marketing site has demos and docs!
    Video & Motion GFX

    We've got a large backlog of stuff that needs to be uploaded, which will be done as time permits!!!

    In the mean time here's a vid of our buddy Steves doing a 360 whip skid in the bus station parking lot:
    03 Ethos
    We are living in the most empowering age in human history.

    We are the transition generation.

    We have one foot in matter and one foot in hyperspace.

    All of the horror of history can be redeemed if we give the human adventure meaning.

    And we give it meaning by discovering the [universal] totality within ourselves and amplifying it for each other.

    And this dissolves boundaries, empowers the weak, enlightens the strong, and brings hope to all.

    Terence McKenna
    public domain illustration credit: https://publicdomainvectors.org/en/free-clipart/Griffon-and-prey/81805.html