we are a studio focused on producing hypermedia to assist those who are solving problems and providing real value to people in the real world.

"hypermedia?" you ask?

get it?
it's web sites, podcasts, newsletters, apps, feeds, videos...
we live in the 21st century and we're all ingesting it all the time.
it's hypermedia!
media production
  • audio/video production
  • motion/3d/vfx/sfx
  • photography
  • writing/editorial
  • music!
software development
  • web site - lightweight, responsive, mobile-first web sites
  • custom API
  • admin/cms/dashboard
  • mobile application
  • CLI/native application
art & design
  • graphic design
  • product
  • digital
  • physical
  • brand/identity
National Reining Horse Association
  • responsive templates
  • framework implementation
Jeff Click Design Build
  • responsive design
  • technical implementation
Ocean Companies
  • responsive modular design
  • custom CMS
  • multi-site implementation
Stereo (Internet Toolkit)
  • v1.3.0
  • new docs site
  • identity
We work on all kinds of projects but we have a few areas of expertise (consulting/process, making it happen irl for you):
open source software
technical (and non-technical) writing
content production
custom web admin/dashboard development
development resources
WEB - responsive web design - progressive web applications - microservice API - microservice architecture (design, implementation, maintenance) open source software frameworks, libraries, ecosystem development [project-focused plugins, packages, etc], CLI tools technical (and non-technical) writing - ux microcopy - documentation / technical writing - copywriting content production motion gfx / cg 3d / 4d / 5d audio editing / packaging video omg photography COMMERCIAL AUDIO PRODUCTION (background noise, sfx, music, noises) - internet / new media marketing branding/identity art direction graphic design WEB SITES AND CUSTOM APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT front end (web tech), back end (server witchcraft) build a web site for your company / band / restaurant / youth group / youtube channel / whatever mobile/platform apps, custom admins, APIs, CLIs, PWAs SPECIFIC - hypermedia publications - podcasts - e-newsletters - email design - mailchimp-compatilbe templates - coding designs (making templates, html/css) digital communities (forums, user-generated content, messaging) music (pads, stingers, themes, bumper music, idk) - custom admins - db development (build databases and multi-platform management software - access/manage your custom db from your phone/ipad/whatever) boutique custom dashboards / remote mgmt platforms (custom integration w/ iot devices / api platforms, for small businesses and non-profits, help automating processes (and managing automated processes)) - custom database solutions (for organizations or whatever) - we build db based on requirements (and host w/ compose or someone like that) - build custom web admin to interact w/ data (run reports, etc) - provide api to interface w/ public web sites/services - custom databases/crm solutions - customer/member databases - create logins for anyone in your office - throw a ton of data into the system - search/save queries/reports - made available to other systems (rest apis, csv, xls, pdf, etc) boutique custom dashboards / remote mgmt platforms (custom integration w/ iot devices / api platforms, for small businesses and non-profits, help automating processes (and managing automated processes)) - mobile apps desktop/mobile applications (electron, ios, android, cli) - brochure/marketing web sites pamphlet ware brochureware - service apis - workflow automation cli apps dev tools design systems web hosting! marketing site design! docs/specs design systems styleguides wireframes prototypes product/ux dev streaming media (video, audio, live analytics) custom api/microservices web scraping component libraries, Fleet pattern libraries Building turn-key pattern libs & styleguide templates & design system starters For organizations that do a lot of client development and don't have time to spend on world building for application functionality Buy some stock ones, let us build a custom one, we can docs for your projects and help with production assets & media developer assets Building (somewhat bespoke) branding packages and style guides and component systems and design systems ... -as-a-service "building resources for internal teams" styleguides / branding/identity kits (like the PDFs that Jeff has made, shows example designs w logo, style, etc) Design systems - w storybook, assembled in the most maintainable way possible - migrating to/from wordpress - moving from existing cms (joomla/drupal/EE/etc) to new systems concept development PRODUCT DESIGNER - turning requirements/ideas into functional products BRANDING / MARKETING - social media strategies - social interaction - insta - twitter - fb - youtube social media bots digital marketing assets (app store videos, kickstarter videos, social content, avatars, brand dev, social media marketinbg ,etc) Designing & building pitch decks Deployment targets Excel Keynote PDF Web site VIDEO video production digital set design `small scale set design -- miniature environments (scenes, backgrounds, etc) video series - demo videos - motion gfx packages (conference gfx, etc) / instructional animations video gfx - specializing in cyberpunk, glitch, grotesque imagery, vaporwavem 3d, after effects, title sequences, graphics packages video graphics for conferences (speaker intros, stream/archive video tags, intro graphics, brand-consistent backgrounds, optional design/assets (backgrounds, images, styleguides, etc) for sites & social media promo, ads, etc) Custom training videos (internal, instructional, corporate policy, etc) Campaign/announcement videos Demo, intro, showcase, instructional, marketing videos promo videos (kickstarter, software introductions/demos, instructional/tutorial, etc) visual effects motion graphics packages video loops (gifs, infinite motion [like the harry potter newspaper cinematic gif thing everyone is boner town about]) short videos for social media - attention-getting motion graphics & jarring imagery opening credits / intros (to festivals, courses, films, etc) video art installations bespoke abstract motion backgrounds and "vintage" -lookin video elements tags/packages for live streaming / conference talks video archives practical video applications (for companies / brands) - short-form documentary profiles - people talking w/ cool shots of whatever they're doing - cool music...you know... - marketing / commercials - training demo videos social media content video tutorials/demos/overviews video graphics for conferences (speaker intros, stream/archive video tags, intro graphics, brand-consistent backgrounds, optional design/assets (backgrounds, images, styleguides, etc) for sites & social media promo, ads, etc) Streaming / cctv Experimental / edgy production / branding projection (vj stuff, projection mapping) a la https://www.instagram.com/p/BHLQvfnBJGg/ signage (+metrics/monitoring) Custom training videos (internal, instructional, corporate policy, etc) Campaign/announcement videos Demo, intro, showcase, instructional, marketing videos - white-label digital signage systems UX ux audits - ux auditing service - we'll tell you which parts of your app suck (and why) - cost-effectively find problem/friction areas in your app and suggest improvements to make - compare with "best practices", user-humane patterns...while preserving business interests - get user insights, a fresh pair of eyes, without spending the time and money to conduct formal research - this would people something growing companies would do in the early stages, when they start to refine their existing project (before a redesign, public launch campaign, etc) - doesn't replace actual user research, but helps quickly identify problem areas ux report packages - i'll do a write-up and review of your product (app store presentation, social media presence, web site, etc) - format: cool-designed pdf w/ helpful info? - suggest ux-focused improvements - extra: wireframes & prototypes - extra: tell us about your stack and we'll write the implementation (example code? actual pull requests to your existing codebases?) - or at least advise the implementation of the process, provide assistance - extra: make suggestions about architecture, project mgmt, offer helpful business advice Ux services - user research - collecting data about users - writing & administering surveys among user bases (collaborating with Mgmt on getting the right info) DATA / ANALYTICS dataviz cool charts and visualizations (practical data visualization) Information design -- Illustrator? Commissioned artworks (with data) Data designer, dataviz for hire (I'll make cool visualizations for your complex data) Distilling complexity into something palatable Information design Art with data (attractive presentation, interesting observations/context to understand the data) adventures in data mining - custom data analytics, collection & reporting data mechanics data processing/harvesting (mining, transforming) data surgeon data hacking Compiling fact sheets Market research metrics Size + future projections Cap you could expect to make in a year - Monitoring, analytics Ensuring technical quality of service, human-understandable (simplified) quality of experience Instrumentation Testing, measurement Quality control Assurance from the technical/ops teams to the stake holders that everything is operating smoothly And clear outline of problem areas (and suggested solutions) design -- print - fliers - posters - stickers - signage? educational resources - tutorials, screencasts, workshops, multimedia courses, curricula - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- -- - -- - - -- - - - -- -- - --- -- - - - CONSULTATION hxgf copy - have a big idea and don't know where to start? we can get you pointed in the right direction -- (want to start a SaaS business? make an app? cool idea for a web site? video series? podcast? educational curriculuaes? conferences? non-profits? open source projects/communities? we will help you get started!) we know all about (app stores, servers, planning events, effective marketing, branding/image, copywriting, media production, livestreaming, podcasts, open source development, community management, product design/ux, pricing models, sustainability, ethics/a11y, architecture [building systems, picking frameworks/libs/tools, developing workflows, design/component systems, documenting decisions]) help w/ finding the easiest stack (set of technical concerns) to manage easiest path to future development (updates, migrations as future business/market needs dictate) for the least amount of technical/financial overhead consulting - hire us to help guide your project mgmt / decision making (sit in all the meetings, provide input on process, do audits to see how the dev process is going, how it could be smoother / more efficient, etc) help your team set standards that work for them (and meet your business objectives, obv) also notes on things that relate to "employee satisfaction" or whatever ux / architecture consulting -- "Queer Eye but for people with messy codebases" -- https://twitter.com/acdlite/status/1024322613550542849 consulting Consulting / assistance - software marketing, architecture/tech research, marketing/pr assets (documentation, community/forums, support workflow (troubleshooting/ticketing/etc), marketing sites, set up newsletters, micro services, etc) want to help advise growing companies on how to effectively grow their companies (principles to consider if you want to build sustainable companies that do good things for the world while maintaining profitability) (taking care of your employees, producing your product in a way that doesn't exploit the planet, people, resources, economy, etc...innovate/improve where you can) - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- -- - -- - - -- - - - -- -- - --- -- - - - ?? - custom collaborations/commissions [we're into out-there stuff] - idea catalogue / product partnerships - if you want to join forces (we do dev & product & you do design or branding or product or whatever) on developing products, we can set up a deal where we share any earnings/stakes in opportunities that develop
Do you have a cool idea?
Do you need help making it happen?

Reach out & touch: office@hxgf.io